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August 03, 2011

Elpidoxori- The Hopeland

Simone, Nikos and I visited a eco-village close to Nauplio run by two women named Tina and Erato. These women left their high-paying corporate jobs for a completely different type of journey -a new life rich in quality and simplicity and fueled by nature instead of money. What a beautiful commitment!!
Elpidoxori is run on the basis of permaculture, which means that the people that reside there live off the land and only off the land. This means they grow all their own food, use solar panels for energy, and among many other interesting aspects, even uses tree leaves for toilet paper! If the village receives something from another village it is more of a tradeoff and no money is involved in the transaction (the barter system reminds me a bit of Burning Man, for those of you that do not know of Burning Man it is something worth reading up on).

Elpidoxori holds interesting eco-friendly seminars quite reguarly. You can read more about this amazing place by visiting their website.

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