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June 23, 2012

Sweet Corn Bread, Raw

Raw Sweet Corn Bread
1 cup raw almonds (soaked 24 hours)
1 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup raw pine nuts
1 1/4 cups fresh or frozen organic non-GMO corn
1/4 cup agave
1 tsp sea salt
Dash of cumin
1 cup ground flax seeds

1. Process all the ingredients till well mixed and roll flat onto a teflex sheet.
2. Place in the dehydrator for 10-12 hours.
3. Cut into squares and enjoy!

This recipe was inspired by Elaina Love. Thank you Elaina!


  1. This is on my cooking list for the week. How long do they store? What and where do you store them in?

  2. Hi Darcy Lynne! It is great to hear from you :) This recipe was super delicious!! I stored the bread for 8 days in the fridge in sealed tupperware and it remained fresh. It was really good with chopped avocado, tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil. I also enjoyed the recipe plain as it was full of flavor. I was only cooking for two so next time I will make half the batch. ENJOY!!!