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February 19, 2011

Bakery hopping

Today Nikos and I went to visit some local bakeries- Fresh, Paul (French) and Special Cakes. For lunch we ate a fresh sugar roll from one of the bakeries and unfortunately it was dry :( The sandwich, however, including the bread and the tomato and egg filling, was FANTASTIC. For our afternoon Fika (a lovely Swedish tradition that includes an afternoon coffee and cake siesta) we tried three cupcakes from another store which we both agreed were OK, not bad, but as we are searching for the perfect dessert recipe we were extra strict with our review. The cake for all of the three cupcakes were the same- chocolate- and two of them were really dry and the third was somewhat moist- I believe because it was fresher. Note to self- MAKE SURE that desserts ARE BAKED DAILY so they are FRESH. We tried the oreo, peanut butter and ganache cupcakes. Our favorite was the frosting on the oreo cupcake- it wasn't too sweet and had a suttle taste of marshmallow.

Tomorrow we will be baking four types of cupcakes and making Fava and Hummus. I am hungry already!


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