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February 19, 2011

The journey begins....

Nikos and I are a young couple on a fun journey together. We are living in Greece and in a constant mode of cooking, baking, experimenting, eating, more eating, and learning about the organic and holistic lifestyle. I have been a healthy eater since birth, thanks to my granola-mother and have also been raw, vegan and vegetarian at different times in my life.

I have just graduated school and have come to Greece to be with Nikos and of course to experiment with all the delicious food products available in this region. Our dream is to have a food related business sometime in the next year.

Please join us as we explore with fun recipes, and creative ideas to lighten your diet and improve your health without missing any of the taste and texture of mainstream foods. A commitment to "healthy living" has taken me on a fascinating journey that has brought healing and renewal to every aspect of my life.

Lots of love and LIGHT :)



  1. I feel the love and the light just reading your words....

  2. Yipee! Cant wait to hear more about the yummyness and the adventure! You know how I love to forage!
    Much love to you cutie pie. xxx