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February 28, 2011

Healthy Start to the week

We ate quite a bit of sweets this weekend and now that it is Monday we are dedicated to starting the week as healthy as possible. I usually wake up starving in the morning- which is where the the term breakfast came from, to "break a fast." Breakfast should be one of the bigger meals of your day. Studies have shown that those that skip breakfast eat more through out the day than those that do. I love a big breakfast. I look forward to it the minute I open my eyes in the morning.

If you do not wake up hungry it might signify that you are eating too late at night. Our bodies need a rest from digestion, and it is a good idea to give yourselves a few hours to digest your food before you go to bed for the evening. You know how sumo wrestlers get chubby? They eat and then they lay down! So yes, today both Nikos and I did not wake up hungry, so we ate light.We started the morning with fresh fruit and hot water with fresh lemon.

Soup is one of my favorite foods, something that Nikos makes very well, and when it is cold, it is the perfect way to warm up the body. One thing I always keep in my freezer is frozen fruits and vegetables. When I make soup I add the frozen vegetables (such as peas, green beans, spinach, corn, etc.) in my soup. It boosts my meal with extra vitamins and minerals and offers a more substantial meal- I am full longer. I like the biological soups shown in the picture, because I understand what the ingredients mean. Anytime I pick up an instant soup, or any food product, and I cannot understand nor read the ingredients it means it is not good for my body and I avoid it. Of course fresh is best, but some of us do not have the time to whip up fresh soup, nor have fresh vegetables on hand. Also, some of the instant soups taste really yummy.

Nikos went to work with a bag of raw natural almonds and 2 fava sandwiches on 100% whole wheat/high fiber bread.- I loaded them with extra protein, salmon on one, and a grilled egg on the other. I threw in some tomato and red bell pepper to sweeten them up. Bon Appetite!

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