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February 22, 2011

Quinoa, the magical food

I just had my first private Greek lesson today! I am really excited to learn the language. If there is anything else I get excited about, besides food, it is education, in any form.

SO now on to my dinner of the evening: Quinoa ia an amino-rich, high protein alternative to couscous or rice and has a buttery taste. It is one of my favorites while I was vegetarian/vegan as I needed to find alternate methods to increase my protein intake. Tonight I am making a simple recipe, quinoa with onions, bell peppers (red and orange) and parsley- another magical food that one should have in their everyday diet. My Danish lineage stems from a long line of farmers and if it one thing I have been taught, it is to EAT MY PARSLEY! This very well have something to do with my 6' frame :)

I have boiled the ingredients together, thrown in a dash of sea salt and minimal pepper (as it is acidic forming) and I have set it to steam in its own juices.
I am a fan of the "hot-cold" salad. I will top a fresh bed of spinach with the hot quinoa and top with a new dressing Nikos and I bought in Charmonix last week- a balsamic concoction made from hemp oil and full of good fats.
I think this will be a yummy meal :)) I will post pictures later!

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