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March 17, 2011

Cupcakes!! The Grand Konditori in Lund, Sweden

Cupcakes are popping up around Sweden. We were in a store yesterday in town and there were a dozen different kinds of cupcake liners in the cutest designs. My favorite was the cinnamon bun design. Some of the liners had statements like "eat more cake" instead of "eat more cupcake." I suppose cupcakes are a kind of cake- but they stand in a class of their own. They have a sexy little personality :)

Today Magnus and I tried two cupcakes from a local family bakery, Grand Konditori, in Lund. As we walked by the window we saw these HUGE bright pink and neon blue cupcakes inside the store. These cupcakes weren't even in the window and I still noticed them!
Of course, I made a purchase- one of each. The blue was a blueberry cupcake with coconut frosting. The pink, raspberry with something like a rose flavored icing. We thought the frosting would be way too sweet but they weren't at all. They were excellent and went perfectly with the cake. If we closed our eyes we couldn't tell where the icing was, just that it tasted amazing together. Usually cupcakes that look this gorgeous are for show and not for taste, but not with these beauties. The cake was moist, yet light and fluffy. When pinching the cake it squished together nicely- moist yet not too heavy on the butter. Overall this bakery scores very well. The only thing is the location, and the lack of variety, but that won't stand in my way. The prices were reasonable, 20 KR/each (about $3.50).

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