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March 18, 2011

Sweden's Finest

Here are some photos of my favorite things about Sweden. Notice how many different kinds of marinated fish (sill) the Swede's have in the grocery store!! My favorite is the curry sill. It goes so well with boiled egg, onion, and red pepper. The graffiti is minimal here, but the picture included reads, "You are poor because they are rich," very true in some countries but not so much in Sweden due to the social democrat government. One of my favorite activities about the Swedish culture (Danish too) is sitting down for a long lunch full of goodies to pile on rye bread. It is healthy, delicious and I get to play with my food a bit- so the kid comes out in me. It is creativity at its finest :) The messmor comes from Northern Sweden and is made from a blend of goat and cow milk and is sweet in a light caramel sort of way. There are no words to describe the taste- it is one of a kind and only available in Scandinavia (to my knowledge). I don't eat a lot of dairy products, but when I am here I do indulge in the cheese. One other aspect of Sweden worth mentioning is how intricate their recycling system is. When Magnus takes out his trash it takes him about 5 minutes to sort everything- different colors of glass, papers, bottles, cans, compost- you name it, needs to be sorted. And the Swedes gladly do it out of respect for their country, the environment, and each other. I believe this is one aspect other developed countries should pay attention to and hopefully incorporate into the daily practices of all the communities.

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