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March 16, 2011

Gravad Lax and Gravad Lax Sas- The recipe

The recipe to the Swedish classic! This can be purchased at IKEA in the frozen section (along with the gravad lax sauce) but we are making it from our own kitchen- including the gravad lax sauce, a sweet, honey mustard. You must use fresh salmon for this recipe. Don't forget to kiss the chef for making this recipe- this is a delicacy!!
Recipe for 4-6 people

Gravad Lax:
700-1KG FRESH salmon (not previously frozen)
3 tsk white pepper
1/2 DL salt
1/2 DL sugar
1 DL fresh dill, very lightly chopped

1. Put FRESH salmon in a plastic bag and put in freezer overnight
2. Day 2, defrost salmon and poke ten small holes on backside of salmon (in skin)
3. Mix together pepper, sugar and salt in small bowl
4. Place salmon in a large bowl and add mixture from small bowl- massage well into salmon on both sides
4. Transfer salmon to a new plastic bag and add dill
5. Put in refrigerator for 2 days, flip once or twice per day
6. Before serving make sure to rinse well with cold water, so that salmon is clean
7. Cut into very thin pieces and serve with gravad lax sauce

Gravad Lax Sauce:
2 msk dijon mustard
1 msk sugar
1/2 msk vinegar
2 krm salt
1/2 krm white peppar
1.2 DL oil
1/2 DL fresh dill, finely chopped

1. Blend together first five ingredients
2. Slowly add in oil, little at a time, whipping till blended well
3. Fold in dill and refrigerate
*Sauce can last for at least one week

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