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December 27, 2011

Warm lemon water

Why do I always push this warm water with lemon thing? Because, it is a part of my routine that has kept me healthy, lean, and vibrant for years. I hope you will make an attempt to add this drink to your daily routine- you will be so happy you did!!

Here is what I have learned throughout the years about lemon:
-Extremely alkalizing. Drinking lemon first thing in the morning reconfigures your body to metabolize efficiently and to burn fat all day long. When the body is more alkaline and less acidic (80:20 is the perfect ratio), it is kept free of disease. Acidosis is one of the basic precursors of disease. This fact alone is a reason to start your day with lemon water.
-Great for your stomach and digestive system. Keeps you lean and regular.
-Antibacterial. Studies have proven that lemon juice kills the bacteria that cause malaria, cholera, typhoid, and other major diseases.
-Natural form of vitamin C, which is MUCH more powerful that the synthetic version. Helps you to metabolize calcium.
-Natural form of citric acid, 7.2%, an antioxidant that balances the body.

Drinking your lemon water with cayenne pepper or raw honey are also options. Cayenne pepper kills cancer cells, lowers blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, and immediately boosts the metabolism. I usually add a dash of this powerful medicinal spice to my water in the evening.
Raw honey has a zillion health benefits as well, however, I enjoy the tart taste of lemon water and opt to save my honey consumption for a sweet treat later in the day!

For those of you that share this healthy habit, I would LOVE to hear from you!!


  1. I love this too! I usually drink water with lemon in the morning but can you tell me why it's helpful to use warm water? I usually drink it at room temp- is that the same thing? Thx Annika!

  2. Hi Abby,

    Thank you for your message!! Based on my research and experience I have determined the following about warm water:
    -flushes the kidneys
    - aids in digestion (greatly!!)
    -detoxifies the body (LOVE THIS!!)
    -stimulates the glands on the walls of the stomach and prepares the stomach for food (which is a great reason to start your day with warm water)
    -help the fat in food to remain fluid (which allows fat to pass through the body easier and reduces the risk of clogged arteries)

    Pairing with lemon is a double health whammy! Hope this helps :)

  3. Oh yes, it definitely does! Now I'm guessing it's best to heat it on the stove rather than microwave? Or is the microwave ok? That's the last question for the day, I promise! ;)

  4. I AM SO HAPPY YOU ASKED!!! Avoid your microwave if you can. I spent years heating my water in the micro, until I learned what I was doing to my body. Please read this link!!!

  5. Thank you Anika! I had a feeling I already knew the answer but didn't know that it was really that bad- and it IS! Luckily I've been heating my water in the teapot since I asked you this question just in case. I'm already feeling better even making these small changes so hopefully the leap to full veganism won't be that dramatic :)

  6. Day 2 of warm lemon water first thing in the morning with a dash of cayenne! Thanks, Anika. This is a terrific blog that I am finally taking some time to study. Hope life is great in Greece!
    Vicki, you know, Pappas