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December 26, 2011

Feeling heavy after the holidays??

It is Monday morning, and many are feeling a bit "stuffed" after all the holiday parties and family get-togethers. I would like to share some things I do that get me back on track after the holidays:

- Load up on Green Superfoods- including kelp, chlorella, spirulina, and seaweed. These sea greens help the body to detoxify and get you feeling GREAT!! You can find these in supplement form at the health food store. Worth EVERY PENNY.
- Make a trail mix of - raw almonds, goji berries and raw cacao nibs. Much on these throughout the week or put them in your cereal or smoothies.
- Make a batch of "seeds of life" and make certain to specifically include hemp, chia and black sesame seeds. Sprinkle these on your salads, soups, cereals, or put them in your smoothies.
- Eat at least 2 TBSP of flax everyday, which will give you a BIG dose of your Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
-Eat a salad for dinner at least every other night.
-Use coconut oil in place of all other oils- rich in lauric and caprylic acids and great for weight loss!
- Make a juice of aloe vera and 100% cranberry juice.
-Take extra probiotic supplements along with kombucha, Braggs, or sweet miso.
- Drink hot water with lemon when you rise and before you go to sleep.
-Avoid animal proteins.
-Exercise till you sweat.
-Sleep in, get that much needed sleep therapy.
-Write a gratitude list.

-And most important, look in that mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful and strong!!!

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  1. TOTALLY needed this today!!! Thank you Annika! :)