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January 22, 2012


Aside from Vitamin D and magnesium, Iodine is one of the most neglected minerals in the standard diet. Iodine, which is naturally found in sea vegetables, ocean fish, yogurt, strawberries and eggs, is needed for the normal metabolism of cells (the process of converting food into energy.) Iodine deficiency is also the world's leading cause of mental defects. One of the worst things a lack of iodine does is to slow the development of a baby's brain even before the baby is born. A lack of iodine also leads to weight gain, depression and thyroid dysfunction. One of the best ways to maintain a slim healthy figure and a happy disposition is to make sure you get your recommended intake of iodine. I take a kelp supplement everyday, which gives my body the iodine it needs to function properly.  I have also found a salt alternative made with kelp or dulse that is great on eggs, salads and boiled vegetables. One of the reasons we crave salt is because of a lack of iodine. Other reasons of craving salt include the use of medicine, adrenal exhaustion (stress, not enough sleep), magnesium deficiency, dehydration or pregnancy in women. Sea salt should always be used in place of table salt!


  1. I use granulated kelp in a shaker bottle to put on food. I do not use salt. Also sushi is made with nori. I buy the nori and eat it like a snack.

  2. Hi Chuck! That is a great idea and I love eating Nori too. Thanks for your message!