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February 03, 2012

Calcium- it is not what you think!

After years of research and my own experience with dairy I have come to the conclusion that milk consumption is one of the leading causes of disease, specifically cancer. Milk feeds the cancer cells that all of us have in our bodies and creates an acidic environment in our stomachs. Most milk is also LOADED with growth hormones and antibiotics; over 30 different growth hormones and 11 growth vaccines, including steroids.

The acidic reaction that dairy produces leaches the calcium both from the consumed milk product and from your bones. Actually milk is so acidic that your body is left with LESS calcium after you consume milk. Increased acidity in your body = increased disease, which explains why the countries that consume the most dairy, Scandinavia and the United States, have the largest rates of osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones). Also, the 3/4 of the world that does not consume milk have been proven to have the strongest bones and teeth. Some interesting statistics: Breast Cancer in China 1:10,000   Breast Cancer in the UK: 1:9. The UK is one of the leading countries in milk consumption and China one of the smallest milk consumers in the world. (Read the China Study, one of the most eye-opening books on the market.) 
I am a strong advocate for consuming calcium in non-dairy forms, however unsweetened organic yogurt has some healthy benefits due to the presence of pro-biotics. If you must have cheese, I suggest eating soft goat or sheep cheese in place of all other forms of cheese. Just be sure that you eat dairy only after 12PM. Our bodies are detoxing between the hours of 4AM-12PM, and animal proteins should be avoided within this timeframe so your lymphatic system can fully detoxify and keep your cells healthy. 

One of the richest sources of non-dairy calcium is found in the sesame seed  (9% calcium). Tahini also contains a great deal of calcium: 1 TBSP gives you 10% of your daily requirement. Other calcium rich foods include cacao (raw chocolate), aloe vera, nuts, seeds, broccoli, dark leafy greens, salmon, almond/sesame milk, tofu and SEAWEED!!!


  1. But you're only talking about pasteurised commercial milk. When milk is raw and organic, especially from small scale farming it is healthy. Read about Weston Price and his research of traditional peoples who drank raw milk.

  2. Happy Birthday Anika!!! : ) Interesting about our bodes detoxing from about 4am to 12pm because I do not crave eggs & bacon or meat in the morning. I just crave cereal, trail mix or something small like that with tea or coffee.

    Also my acupuncturist gave me a pamflet by Total Health Solutions who sells "Bone Plants Osteo formula" saying the "Bone Plants" formula supplies the body with Silica, which enhances the body's ability to produce, absorb, and maintain calcium.

    Rick@American Salon