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January 28, 2012

Protein- It is not what you think!

The highest sources of protein are those that absorb the most sun, which are green leafy vegetables and sea vegetables. There is a misconception that protein only comes from animals, however understand that protein is a combination of amino acids, which are found in various types of fruits, nuts, seeds AND GREENS! Remember also that when you cook meat you loose 50% of the protein, therefore, it is essential that you increase your intake of fresh greens in addition to the animal protein you consume. Also, your chances of getting cancer are cut in half if you eat a diet rich in greens and less in animal protein. 

Spirulina is one of the highest sources of protein in the world, with a 65% protein content- four times higher than fish or beef and contains four times as much B12 as animal liver.  Quinoa (a grain similar to couscous), buckwheat, hemp and chia seeds, and Brazil nuts are all complete proteins, gluten-free, and full of all the amino acids. I replace all my rice dishes with quinoa and my bread or crackers with buckwheat, coconut and almond flour. Also, hemp and chia seeds are loaded with protein and will add a good dose of raw protein to any meal, especially your smoothies, cereals, or salads. These seeds are comparable to fish proteins but in vegetarian form. Many vegan bodybuilders live off of these two seeds.  I highly suggest you add spirulina, quinoa, hemp and chia seeds to your shopping list.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm forever explaining to people that meat does not = protein. I'm always telling them to imagine what a bull eats to get so strong - GREENS!

  2. I know isn't it crazy! When I learned about protein I was amazed- but yes, look how big elephants are! Nice to meet you Emily and enjoy every green bite!