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July 07, 2011

Lovely Mykonos & A Detox

We are on holiday in Mykonos and are having a relaxing break from the hustle of Athens. We took an evening walk last night and the sky looked unreal. Almost as though it had been painted. The view of our house is breathtaking and the atmosphere very quiet and calming. For the first time in weeks I can really exhale.

This month we are detoxing- juicing, fasting and clearing our bodies of excess toxins. Mykonos is the perfect location for a detox- as it transforms a fast into a spiritual experience. Detoxes are extremely important for optimum health. Our intestines need a break and a good cleanse form all the junk-food we eat and toxins our environment carries (especially in the cities). A great cleanse to follow is a one week cleanse, the first three days you eat only fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds, the next three days you drink only fruit and vegetable juices, and the last day you eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds again, to break your fast. Drinking plenty of water helps your body to flush any unwanted toxins. I drink psyllium husk throughout my cleanse which acts like a brush in the intestines and is able to push any plaque out of the body. I promise you will feel and look better after the cleanse!!

I must state that I am not a doctor! This is my opinion based on what I have read, witnessed by others, and experienced myself. A great link with detox information is Blessed Herbs below.


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  2. re posting.., forgot a "not"!
    Your perspective of Mykonos as the perfect location for a detox- as it transforms a fast into a spiritual experience is intriguing ! I enjoyed reading the post and one day will go through your blog...Frankly I would never be able to follow an only drink or only fruit diet even for one day excluding food from the table. I am also positive that it is not recommended by doctors (trust me I asked!) I think that "close to starvation" techniques are never good for your health. Not even for weight loss because you will then regain what you lost. I have personally found that the orthodox lent is a reliable and intelligent detox for mind and soul. Enjoy your holiday! Mykonos is spectacular! I miss miss miss Greece so much! xoxo

  3. Thank you so much for your reply! I do agree that for many a detox, which requires juicing, might not be appropriate. (I too strongly disagree with detoxing for the aim of weight loss.) I have inquired about this issue for over ten years and after much research and education on the topic this is my conclusion. I believe it depends on what kind of a doctor you are asking and which advice you choose to trust. The most important aspect is that we listen to our bodies and trust the messages sent to us. Thank you so much for your well wishes!! I hope you have a great summer. XOXO