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December 28, 2011


I am a BIG fan of exercise, but not the kind of exercise that I feel I HAVE to do. I used to go to aerobics classes and dreaded going and to make it worse, while I was there, I watched the clock the whole time. Life is just too short to dread parts of the day. So, I made some changes and now I love my workout regime. I tailored it to fit my schedule and it has worked beautifully. I believe that diet is the ultimate determinate of your weight and overall health, but exercise is a great way to keep you limber, to keep your heart healthy, to keep the mind clear, and to rid toxins from your body. It also can give you a great shape!

Even if you are short on time there are ways you can get your heart pumping through out your day. Some examples of how I incorporate a little more "action" into my busy day:
-Always take the stairs, even in heels!
-Park my car far away from the front entrance of wherever I am going.
-Get off the bus/train/tram two stops early and walk to my destination.
-Go to the library and rent 30 minute yoga/pilates DVDs. I can do anything for 30 minutes, but any more and I get bored. Rodney Yee fro Gaiam is the BEST!
-Do some pilates before bed- I do the 5-series, takes 3-5 minutes and it gives you a beautiful tummy in only a week. Click here to see how to do the 5-series
-Do a two minute plank every morning or every evening, broken up however you need to. While you are down there maybe you can meditate or pray for a minute and give thanks for the day ahead or behind you? Helps me flow better with life and maintain a grateful attitude.
-Stretch right when you get out of bed. Do a good down dog and get the blood flowing. Here is a down dog video
-Try to do yoga or some cardio at least three times during the week.

This is my routine and it has worked well for me. Some weeks I exercise much more than others, but overall I tend to follow this schedule. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy. If you dread the gym, take your workout outside in nature. Find inspiration and follow it!

I am off for a light run now! Happy 2012!!

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