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March 01, 2011

I Love Cupcakes- DELICIOUS cupcake store in Glyfada

Well, we truly believe that we have tried the best cupcakes in Athens yet!

I Love Cupcakes is located in Glyfada (south of city center in Athens) and is run by the loveliest women- Elli and Amalia. I had the chance to meet Elli today and she was darling. She recommended the chocolate cupcake- as it is one of their best sellers. I had already chosen my four cupcakes, so I promised I would come back and try that particular cupcake next time.

The store is very inviting, the packaging cutsey and memorable. Now the most important part was the taste of the cupcakes. These were definitely homemade- the cake was moist and the frosting fresh and DELICIOUS! We tried the banana, brownie, oatmeal cheesecake, and red velvet. YUM, YUM, YUM!! And I really loved the brownie cupcake- there was an actual brownie on the top, which was divine, and the chocolate frosting really hit home. If you are an Athens local please do yourself a favor and grab one of these cupcakes. I believe that a good dessert is worth gold and even though the cupcakes might seem a bit pricey, up to 3.50 Euro/each, these cupcakes are a real treasure and worth every penny. I will give up my Starbucks drink for one of these goodies any day! Great job ladies :)

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  1. I went to this cupcake store when I was in's sooooo cute and the ladies are really nice. I think they had opened months before I visited it.