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March 16, 2011

Magnus's Swedish Kram

Swedish kram is similar to a fruit puree and is something I fell in love with as a little girl. Kram goes well on fruit, ice cream or milk, muesli, porridge, pancakes, yogurt (especially filmjolk-sour milk) OR it is great to eat just as it is!

Magnus and I made our very own batch today with a large bag of frozen raspberries. Here is the traditional recipe (with slight modifications):

Magnus's Swedish Kram

750 g frozen raspberries
5 DL of water
1/2 DL of sugar (we only used 1/3 of the sugar the recipe called for, you can add more if you like a sweeter kram)
3 MSK of potato flour, which we ran out of so we used corn starch (Note: it is recommended to use potato flour as most corn is genetically modified. I am a bit more trusting of cornstarch as we are in Sweden where genetically modified foods have been mostly banned. If you are in the States and use cornstarch definitely buy organic.) You can add more or less flour depending on how thick you want your kram. I like mine more natural so I use a little less water and a little less flour=more berries.

Rinse berries, put in large saucepan and add water and sugar. Bring to a boil for about 15 minutes. Temper the flour with some of the hot berries in a separate bowl and then add the flour-berry mixture to the saucepan (otherwise the flour will clump). Continue to simmer for 15 more minutes until the mixture thickens.

We also made a batch of strawberry and raspberry kram (sans everything but a splash of water). We will be comparing the two tomorrow for breakfast!

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