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April 26, 2011

My Birthday at Pure Bliss Cafe, Athens

I celebrated by birthday with three girlfriends at a local cafe in Athens called Pure Bliss. This restaurant was unlike any other I have visited in Athens due to its unique menu items and wonderful staff members. This place is also a multi-active space that hosts classes, lectures and events related to health and well-bring- WHY HAVE I NOT FOUND THIS PLACE SOONER!? Not only did Pure Bliss have raw, vegan and biological menu items, this cafe also had desserts made from natural and unique ingredients. (The purple colored cake in the picture was made with beets and the pasta was made from almonds.) We shared a sandwich, salad, boiled vegetables and baked fava. My girlfriend Demi lit my birthday candle 32 times, so I made my share of wishes for this birthday. I am feeling an extremely prosperous year ahead of me :) Thank you for joining me on my special day ladies!

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