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May 09, 2011

My first Greek Easter- Mykonos with the Family :)

EASTER, 2011

I had the full experience of the Greek Easter this year and it was FANTASTIC! We were in Mykonos with Nikos' family and spent most of our time, eating and relaxing. It was nice to see everyone
and to enjoy the festivities together. My favorite part of the weekend was the night we went to the church and lit the candles at midnight- it reminded me of a combination of July 4th (our independence day) and Christmas Eve. There were fireworks and the priests were singing, it was really beautiful.
The only part that was difficult was the strong wind, mainly beacuse Nikos and I have not been feeling 100% these days due to the fluctuations in weather.
Easter dinner (1AM on Easter)- The highlight was mageiritsa soup (intestine soup from the goat) and different kinds of meats, and salads. Also, there
were red eggs everywhere (the red signifies the blood of Christ and the egg, the rebirth as well as many other meanings). We played a game with the eggs, we all held one and tried to crack someone else's egg- the person with the last uncracked egg wins- although I am unaware what you win (obviously I lost!) There was also a lot of sweet bread, similar to challah bread, that had an egg baked in it (usually a red one). All the kids got new shoes, chocolates and a candle as a gift.
Easter Lunch (2PM on Easter)- There were three goats on the menu. One was put on a pit (this was difficult for me to see- as I used to be an avid vegan) and the others, well I am not sure what happened to the others. I suppose they were used for the soup and kokoretsi (meat wrapped in intestines and barbecued).

I loved Anna's Myconian pie the very best- it was made with homemade Myconian goat cheese and local greens. DELICIOUS. Thank you so much for making me feel like a part of the family :)

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