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May 24, 2011

Sun Cups- A delicious raw snack

Today I made sun cups, a delicious combination of protein and carbs. The sunflower seeds give this tasty nibble an extra kick of omegas (healthy fats to keep you free of heart disease and looking gorgeous) while both the sunflower seeds and parsley provide your body with Vitamin E (which attack free-radicals in your body and keeps your immune system healthy.) Sun cups are a perfect mid-day or pre-workout snack.

Sun Cups
1/2 cup hummus
1-2 bell peppers (I used yellow, as they tend to be sweeter)
2 TBSP of sunflower seeds
parsley for garnish

1. Cut bell pepper(s)
2. Spoon hummus into pepper pieces
3. Top with sunflower seeds and parsley

Also a great idea to serve at parties.

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