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June 07, 2011

Avocado Cashew Summer Salad

Avocado Cashew Summer Salad
2 cups broccoli stalks and carrots, thinly sliced (I used trader Joe's pre-cut blend)
handful of raw cashews (soaked if you wish)
1 avocado, diced
juice of one large lemon
1 TBSP olive oil
dash sea salt and cayenne pepper
parsley for garnish

1. Lightly mix broccoli/carrots with cashews and avocado.
2. Add lemon juice and olive oil together and toss with salad.
3. Add salt, pepper or any other spices you enjoy and garnish with parsley.

This is a great salad for warm evenings. The lemon brings out the flavor of the avocado and and the cashews complement the carrot/broccoli stalks perfectly.

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