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November 11, 2011

The Beauty of Sprouts

Sprouts have electrical currents, concentrated vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants.
5,000 years ago doctors prescribed sprouts to heal the sick. During WWII, science from Europe tried to find a food, which needed no light, and they found sprouts, as sprouts could be grown underground.
Sprouts must be sprouted between 15-25C, or you cannot eat them. They are deactivated and collapse.
Sprouts are very cheap, there is no waste and use very little water and air.

I grew these in a sprout bag I bought from my Raw Teacher, Flora, which I hang in the kitchen cupboard, which is free from breeze and light. I wash the bag twice a day, and after three days my sprouts are ready.
There are other ways to sprout, such as in a mesh jar, or in a sprouting container, however, I prefer this way the best. 

Positives include- air circulation in bag, darker environment due to bag, the bag gives water to seeds through the day and can feed them during the day!

Step 1: Put seeds in a mesh bag and soak for 8 hours in a dark, dry place
Step 2: Put seeds in a cheese cloth bag and hang in a dark dry place.
Step 3: Rinse your seeds every morning and every night in the mesh bag and place back in the cheese cloth.
Step 4: After three days you will have beautiful little babies like these and can put them on salads, smoothies, or anything you eat! Be sure you rinse them well before you eat them. They can keep in your fridge for a few days in a covered tupperware wrapped in a napkin.

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