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April 29, 2012

Spring Detox

Nikos and I are on Day 7 of our Spring Detox. 
Our Program: We began with four days of raw foods, mostly fruits and fresh veggies, and then the last three days consist of purely juicing, coffee enemas, and these lovely flusher drinks made with fresh squeezed apple juice, psyllium husk, and bentonite clay. What tends to happen during a detox is the body is purging not only toxins from within your body but also emotions, and old memories that we keep trapped within our abdominal areas. The detox can feel extremely freeing at times and at other times can bring much pain or sadness. Any sign of these emotions is a good thing- it means your detox is working. You will most likely pass through a severe headache stage, which is why we planned for the juice portion to occur on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday (especially true if you are a coffee or tea drinker). During your detox, be sure to be gentle with yourself, rest, and use this period as a time of reflection. It is also helpful to get your body flowing by doing yoga or taking a  nature walk. Remember we are inundated with toxins on a daily basis- from city pollution, stress, and the foods we eat. Most importantly are all the toxins that live in our homes- cleaning products, shampoo, lotion, make-up, etc. Take a good look at how you are treating your body and opt for the more natural solution. Our bodies can only take so much, and the best way to remain healthy is to lessen the toxic load on our system. Use natural cleaning products (chances for obtaining cancer rise 60% if you use conventional cleaning products in your home), and opt for organic shampoo and lotion. Also, avoid processed pre-packaged foods, animal proteins (dairy, meat) and sugar- cancer cells feed on these elements.  
It is essential to complete at least two detoxes a year, however I recommend four a year, around the change of each season. 

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