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March 06, 2011

Clean Monday on Beautiful Mykonos

We are in Mykonos this weekend and having a wonderful time. This morning we had three fresh eggs from the chickens in the backyard. The yolk was very yellow and we could taste the fresh and natural flavor. We also had fresh goats cheese made by Nikos's family. His father was drinking goat's milk too which I have learned is one of the healthiest drinks that can be incorporated into your diet. I do believe that living "off the land" and eating natural lengthens and betters your life. I can say that we feel great today and are looking forward to our next meal already!

Another picture I have included is one of our feast for Clean Monday- a Greek holiday that celebrates the first day of fasting (40 days before Easter). We had octopus, shrimp, crab, dolmas, fish-egg (caviar) pate, sun dried tomatoes, special "fasting" bread and delicious halvas. My favorite is always the octopus but today it was definitely the shrimp. I will find the recipe and share with you as it is the best shrimp I have EVER had. Thank you so much to my Greek family for making this holiday so special for me.

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