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March 06, 2011

Mykonos goat cheese

Some small tips of how you can make this cheese: When goat's milk is curdled with rennet, you get sour milk, which is then placed in a cotton bag, and hung to drain. What remains is a soft cheese, tyrovolia, which is then used in pies, salads, desserts, or eaten alone. The part of thecheese that has drained into small basket is salted and dried in the breeze.When fresh it can be eaten as a table cheese. The summer is very common time to eat this cheese, mainly with grapes and watermelon. Finally kopanisti is the most famous cheese of the island. It is made from tyrovolia with the assistance of sun, salt and heat. This type of cheese has to be pressed with a stone, mixed, and then put in earthenware jars until the cheese grows fungi and enzymes.After 20-25 days, kopanisti is spicy and ready!

The sour cheese has an attractive appearance, pleasant and rich flavor and is high in nutritional value. This makes a great addition to the local table and is why you will see it included on a majority of restaurant menus.

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