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April 28, 2011

BEWARE of your microwave oven

The microwave oven was created by accident during a radar related research project at Raytheon in 1946. Dr. Percey was testing a new vacuum called a magnetron when we noticed that the candy bar in his pocket had melted. So intrigued he tried his next experiment with popcorn and sure enough he understood that he was on to something good. Next, Dr. Spencer built a metal box with the same configuration as the magnetron and thus was born the first microwave oven (which uses electromagnetic radiation that is similar to radio waves and the sunlight.) The first microwave oven reached the market in 1947 which had a sticker price of $5,000 was 5.5 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds!! By 1975, sales of microwave ovens surpassed that of gas range ovens, Japan being the largest customer base (17% of population with 4% of US population). Today, a microwave oven is considered a necessity in the United States, at least according to my knowledge.

There has long been debate over the use of this microwave oven and the effects it places on our health. So what does a microwave really do besides create added convenience to our hectic schedules or make meal planning a bit easier for those that don't cook?
Here are some facts that we should all pay attention to:

1. Using your micro has been proven to cause permanent brain damage by demagnetizing brain tissue.

2. Minerals, vitamins and nutrients are rendered void in the microwave- so all those good things you think you are putting in your body are no longer there. Actually minerals are turned into free radicals which fight against instead of FOR your body which eventually leads to cancer and other illnesses. However the unknown substances that the microwave leaves in your food can not be metabolized by the body and causes long term havoc on your system.

3. Hormones, concentration, emotional stability and intelligence are greatly altered through microwave use.

Lucky for me, Nikos does not have a microwave. Actually they are not common in Greece. I have attached a great website link with more information on microwave dangers and some pictures of two plants: one watered with microwaved water the other with filtered water- SCARY!!!! I want to say thank you to Winston Kao for his commitment to educating the public about matters such as these.

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