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November 15, 2011

Sweet Miso Corn and Cabbage Salad

 I had a delicious salad today with fresh cabbage, corn and parsley, from my very own local organic farmer, Dimitra Tsakiris. Thank you Dimitra!!

Cabbage has more calcium available for your body than milk, and the miso dressing provides all your essential amino acids. Parsley acts as a multi-vitamin so don't hold back on this special green goodie.

Sweet Miso Corn and Cabbage Salad
1/4 cup miso dressing
1/2 medium cabbage
1/3 cup fresh corn
large handful of fresh parsley
1 TBSP olive oil

1. Cook corn over medium heat for 2 minutes with olive oil OR if you wish to eat your salad raw, skip this step.
2. Assemble salad in a bowl and top with fresh miso dressing.

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