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December 04, 2011


We are born with a limited supply of enzymes which are meant to last throughout our lifetime. Babies are full of enzymes and older folks have lost most of their supply, which is why they become "old." Just as a plant withers and eventually dies, so do we.

The faster we run through the enzymes the shorter our lives become. Cooking our foods, eating non-organic or dead foods, using non-organic household products and body products, as well as drugs and alcohol, all eat away at our enzyme supply. Stress, pollution and chemicals do not help either.

The best way for us to maintain optimum health and to preserve our youth is to incorporate an enzyme rich diet into our life that equates to a larger deposit and fewer withdrawal of enzymes. The easiest way to do this is with more raw foods. Simple.

The human pancreas is 2-4 times heavier and larger than that in an animal, which lives on raw foods, simply because the pancreas has to go into overdrive to produce the digestive juices that are lacking in the cooked and processed foods we eat.

What can you do today to increase your consumption of enzymes?

  1. Soak your nuts and seeds for 8-24 hours before you eat them. Soaking your nuts deactivates the enzyme inhibitors in the nuts, which increases nutrient absorption by up to 800%.
  2. Sprout your own seeds. It is simple. All you need is a jar, a mesh cloth and a rubber band. Or you can use tupperware with a mesh screen, a sprouting kit, or a cheesecloth. If you cannot sprout your own seeds, buy organic sprouts at the store and eat some at least every other day.
  3. Drink more fresh green juices- spinach, lemon, apple and parsley make a delicious combination
  4. Eat more sea vegetables.
  5. Eat more raw salads with soaked nuts and seeds.

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