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March 15, 2011

Agnes Cupcakes- Copenhagen

Today Rikke and I went to Agnes Cupcakes in Central Copenhagen. I was very curious to taste "Danish" cupcakes and to see how they compared to American cupcakes. Walking in the store the cupcakes were beautifully presented behind clear glass- frosted and designed with delicate magnificence. Rikke and I could not make it out the door without splitting a mini red velvet cupcake, which was good but not fantastic. I must say that the cupcake was fresh, tasted like chocolate with a cream cheese frosting, yet was lacking the special red velvet flavor that this kind of cupcake usually has. We bought four cupcakes total to take home with us- a lakris (licorice), strawberry, Sicilian lemon and kids with sprinkles. I was most eager to try the lakris as it is a Scandinavian delight and not available anywhere else that I know of. My cousin, Tommy liked the lemon best, his girlfriend liked the lakris, I LOVED the strawberry and Rikke liked the kids cupcake. The lakris had a strong licorice flavor that left a great aftertaste and the cake complemented the frosting perfectly. The kids cupcake had a red velvet cake with sprinkled covered frosting and was good but the least favorite (of mine) of them all. It is not that this cupcake wasn't good- it was- it is just that the others were so fantastic.

For starters, the cake was extremely fresh and fluffy as though it had just come out of the oven. The strawberry cupcake "cake" tasted like it had fresh strawberries in the batter, and the lemon tasted like it had real lemon juice in the frosting. Also, the frosting was sweet, but not too sweet. I wouldn't recommend eating more than one, but one taste and you just might want to go for seconds!! The only downside to this cupcakery is the price-tag on these cupcakes- about $6 each (30DKK), which is more than double the normal price. There was a menu on the wall that listed all the flavors and the days in which each flavor is available. There are many flavors that I would have liked to try- the sea salt chocolate, which I think Alekos would have shared with me, and the coconut, which my Nikolaki mou would have loved to taste.
Well done Agnes!!
More information can be found on Agnes's webpage:

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