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March 20, 2011

Dairy/Gluten Free Cupcakes!! Cupcakes Crush, Malmo, Sweden

I am on my way back to Greece and on my way I picked up some homemade cupcakes from owner and baker, Asa-Helene, of Cupcake Crush. Asa was kind enough to bake four special cupcakes for Magnus and I- what a treat!!

The flavors are very unique: lime-coconut-raspbery, wasabi-chocoate, lemon licorice, and mocha-chocolate. I was SO excited to try a bite as these cupcakes are they dairy and gluten free, which is right up my alley. Here are our thoughts on these unique beauties:
Overall, the consistency of the cake and frosting was incredible- due to the use of rice milk, rice/potato flour and vegan margarine.
There was one cupcake that stood out well above the rest- The chocolate wasabi cupcake. The cake seemed to weigh a lot in my hand so I thought it might be dry, due to being so dense, but when I put it in my mouth it melted. I almost had a heart attack. If I could marry a cupcake this is the one I would keep for all time. This is my perfect cupcake. This cupcake had a layer of "guff" white meringue and was covered in a very hard dark chocolate shell. Cracking into the chocolate was like finding a gold treasure at the end of a rainbow. I couldn't quite taste the wasabi, however, it very well might have been what I loved so much about the cupcake, but it wasn't very distinct to either Magnus or I.
The chocolate mocha was fantastic as well, the frosting was creamy and perfectly sweet and tart. I didn't like the other two as much, the coconut lime and lemon licorice. I felt the licorice taste was very strong and I am not used to eating licorice as much as Magnus, so he liked it more and thought the lemon matched the taste perfect. I would have liked a stronger lemon flavor. The frosting consistency was perfect though. The coconut and lime went well together but it didn't "wow" me like the wasabi chocolate. I did like the consistency of the cupcake, it has pieces of lime zest in it, which made the cake chewy, and crispy coconut crumbles on top of, yet again, frosting with perfect consistency.

So as an overall rating I liked these cupcakes more than any of the others because best they are dairy and gluten free. When I am eating healthy food it tastes better to me, because I am eating for both my body and my mind. These cupcakes were exotic as well and kept my tate-buds thoroughly entertained. People will pay good money for fun and taste like this!

If you are in Southern Sweden contact Asa-Helene and place an order through her website. The cupcakes are 25KR each. Do yourself a favor and order two wasabi chocolate cupcakes just for yourself :) Thank you Asa!!
Asa-Helene's website:

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