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March 10, 2011

The world's BEST EVER Danish Sauce

I am with my family in Denmark this week and the cooking here is FANTASTIC! One of my favorite things to eat here is sauce, any kind of sauce. It is fresh and homemade and comes from the Danish countryside. My family members are potato farmers so we always, always have potatoes on the table. Last night was my Uncle's birthday and Inger made a delicious meal- freshly caught local fish dusted with sea salt and lemon and stuffed with baby shrimp. The sauce was made from local Danish milk, butter, flour and asparagus tips, using asparagus water in place of half of the milk-lightening up the dish a bit. This dish can be made vegan too- using vegetable based margarine and a milk-alternative (cashew milk might work out great!)
I am now on a mission to make a healthy, light sauce that tastes like Inger's. This will be tough but I love a good challenge! I will be sure to post the recipe once it is tested and approved by the boyfriend!

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