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March 10, 2011

Light salad ideas

Two of my favorite recipes for lunch and snacking: tuna salad and egg-salad. I made two kinds of egg salad: one with three eggs white and one whole egg and the other with just egg yolks. The egg white salad was mixed with one spoonful of light mayo, diced onion, green pepper and spices- salt, pepper and curry. The egg yolk salad was made the same except I added a hint of honey.

The egg yolks are the part of the egg which contains all the cholesterol yet it is the part of the egg with all the nutritious elements. For this reason it is a good idea to add at least one egg yolk as I did in my recipe.

Nikos liked both of the egg salads but we would opt for the healthier version as it tastes better and feels better to consume (In the picture the yolk salad is on the right). If you eat a salad heavy in yolk try to use it in moderation, maybe as a spread on sandwich bread, in place of butter or mayo. I encourage you to try an egg salad with a heavier portion of egg whites, and to give the lighter taste a chance. In Los Angeles it is common to have an egg white option in any dish, however, eggs were made whole for a reason and I do believe it is good to take nature's guidance into consideration. In this case, throw in at least one egg yolk.

I have really enjoyed the lighter version and played around with different spices, and fillings (celery, raisins, pine nuts, etc.) It is really fun to create dishes that not only taste great but that your body will also benefit from.
The tuna was made the same way except I added ginger instead of curry. Both the egg white and tuna salad, are high in protein, low in calories and fat and delicious. If you take this to work with you, you can use pita bread, lettuce cups or baked chips as a dipping tool. I like to eat this meal with big slices of red bell pepper. Great energy boost!!

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