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April 01, 2011

A typical Greek lunch

Here was the menu today:

Fresh fish- grilled with lemon and olive oil
Salads: steamed green beans, figs, feta, and walnuts- tossed in olive oil/balsamic
Arugula greens and pine nuts- tossed in olive oil/balsamic
Steamed broccoli with lemon

Now the secret here: to sauté the pine nuts with the olive oil for a few minutes before putting them on the salad- this enhances the nutty flavor of the pine nuts and transforms the salad into professional status! Do the same with the green beans - sauté with olive oil and walnuts, for just a few minutes before putting on the salad.
This is how I stay healthy and lean in this country. I delight myself in the vegetables and fish and I stay active. Thanks to Frances for a delicious meal :)

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