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July 19, 2011

Easy Summer Snack

Let's face it, it is summer and we want to look good, feel sexy and enjoy fresh, cool foods. It is hot here in Mykonos and this snack was a great treat after a day on the beach. You can top with any veggies/fruits or even nuts that you prefer. I have the biggest crush on red bell peppers so you will see them everywhere I can squeeze them in.

Easy Summer Snack
gluten free crackers (buckwheat, corn or rice)
soft goat cheese
olive oil, cold pressed
red bell peppers

1. Spread goat cheese on crackers and top with remaining ingredients to your preference.

I would suggest to use goat cheese over cow cheese as the digestive enzymes in goat cheese closely resemble that of human milk and therefore goat cheese is much easier for your body to digest. Goat cheese also contains tryptophan, one of the 10 essential amino acids the body uses to synthesize the protein it needs.

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