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August 28, 2011

Honeydew Melon- The Benefits

Melons digest much faster than other foods so it is suggested by many health professionals to eat this fruit on an empty stomach (so your body can soak up all the nutrients) and then wait 30 minutes to eat the rest of your meal. I have discovered many contradicting opinions on this topic so use your best judgement on when and how you choose to eat your melon. In my experience, waking up and having melon on an empty stomach feels really good and I think my body enjoys digesting the food on its own.

Honeydew Melons are high in Vitamin B and C, are low in calories, and high in copper. Melons are great for those with high blood pressure as this fruit is loaded with potassium and water. Melons are also good for your skin and will give a nice glow to your skin- remember we are what we eat!

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