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October 07, 2011

Food of the Day: Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds have a 25% protein content and are 50% unsaturated oil. Sesame seeds have a perfect balance of sodium and potassium and are a good water balance for humans. Sesame seeds are also high in folate (3% daily requirement in 1 TBSP) and high in calcium (9% daily requirement in 1 TBSP). For those of you that do not consume dairy, sesame seeds are a MUST for you as they contain a high amount of calcium (along with broccoli, leafy greens, organic tofu, calcium enriched seed milks, and nuts).

Sesame Seed Facts:

  1. Black sesame seeds have the highest healing properties. 1 TBSP ground black sesame seeds soak up all the toxins in your body.
  2. Fights anemia and fatigue because of high iron content. Iron supports hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood.
  3. Great for male fertility due to high zinc content which strengthens and replenishes semen.
  4. High in iron- great for vegetarians!

I add sesame seeds to my seed mix which I put on my morning yogurt, fruit, salads, and desserts. I also serve kiwis with eggs for breakfast, or add to smoothies.

A delightful raw morning recipe with kiwis and seeds

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