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February 24, 2011

Can't Sleep...

I am up late- it is 4am and I cannot sleep. There is a stillness outside that is rather beautiful. Living in a large city and experiencing such a sense of tranquility can be odd. I was over at a lovely family member's house tonight and had to BEST dinner. Marinated octopus with potatoes (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Octopus), lasagna, cheese pie, salad with sweet balsamic dressing and butter beans with bacon (Nikos favorite). Yum, Yum, Yum. Maybe I cannot sleep because I am thinking about how good the food was :) The little three year old had the longest eyelashes I have ever seen and he was so beautiful and kind. I believe we will be at the same reading level so it is nice to know I have someone to practice my Greek with!

Tonight Nikos and I are going to IKEA to buy new food utensils so we can bake again on Sunday. I will also be making salmon burgers with dill creme sauce and cheddar turkey burgers with peach salsa over the weekend.
Our cupcakes for this weekend include the light/vegan/healthy kinds: Lemon Buttermilk (light) and for muffins: Blueberry (light), Vegan Pumpkin (MY FAVORITE!) and Fiber Cakes (high-fiber).
We will be posting pictures and recipes for you and we hope you enjoy them.

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