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May 17, 2011

Thermopylae, Greece: MUST visit Hot Springs

If you live in Greece and have not been to Thermopylae you are missing out on an incredible free health advantage. This natural spring water is full of healing components and it feels like being in a hot-tub. There are ropes to help you get in the water and the area smells rich in sulfur dioxide.

I visited this incredible area with my friend Simone and her family (there was only one other gentleman there, so we had the whole area to ourselves). We stayed in the water for about 20 minutes and for the next five hours felt like we were intoxicated with life and warmth. It was pretty incredible because my body was actually radiating. There is something to be said about natural healing properties, I do believe they offer miracles for us.
Simone's mother could not turn her neck before she got in the water, but was able to after her swim.

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