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February 25, 2011

Our FAVORITE bakery in Athens- CAKE

Nikos and I went to the cutest bakery in Athens called Cake late last night after our IKEA excursion. The ambiance and decor is darling- very cutsey and doll-house like. They have maybe 10 different kinds of loaf- cake and a few pies, brownies, cheesecakes, round cakes and cupcakes. We tried the banoffee cake and the mini cupcakes. We loved the red-velvet and the banoffee best. The others were a bit dry, but the owner said they were not as fresh (as it was 945pm). They were prettier to look at than to actually consume. The banoffee was flavorful and the creme was really fresh. Yum!
You can order salads, soup, coffee and wine there as well so it seems like a great place to meet a friend and spend some time together.

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