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December 08, 2011

Thank you!

I would like to say thank you to everyone that attended my Healthy Dessert Cooking Class in Athens. We prepared four desserts together, three raw and one vegan, and all without sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Also, thank you to Vassillia for hosting my event. I will keep all of you posted on the after Christmas Detox class.  I will resume my usual postings tomorrow and have come up with three new delicious recipes I cannot wait to share with you. These recipes include:
  1. Raw Pumpkin Cheescake with a chewey Cinnamon Crust
  2. Gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free Swedish Nikoscakes (pancakes) with four fillings:
    1. Cranberry coconut drizzle
    2. Cinnamon "sugar"
    3. Sweet Tahini
    4. Messosmor
  3. Pomegrante- goat cheese salad with freshly ground flax and a lemon glaze
Enjoy your holidays and be good to your bodies!!

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