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October 07, 2012

Raw Double Decker Peach Brownies

1 cup raw carob or cacao powder
1/4 cup raw cacao nibs
1 cup dehydrated coconut
1 cup raw tahini
1/4-1/3 cup raw honey
3 TSP rosewater
Cinnamon (optional)

Garnish: Fresh organic peaches & flowers

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until your mixture forms a ball.
2. Push into a pan with a small layer of shredded coconut.
3. Let sit for about 30 minutes in the fridge.
4 Top with diced peaches and flowers.

I like to make layers so I use two different pans, one larger than the other, and I place the layers on top of each other. You can alternate with different kinds of fruit. 
Nectarines also taste amazing with this recipe!

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